December 11, 2013

Austrian Hemp Association welcomes the legalization of Cannabis in Uruguay

Vienna – The Austrian Hemp Association OeHV welcomed the decision of the Uruguayan Parliament to legalize and regulate production and sales of natural Cannabis.

“This regulation will eradicate the black market for Cannabis overnight because the country has established a price of one US dollar for one gram of Cannabis. This is markedly lower than the black market price of 1,40 dollars per gram”, said spokesman Toni Straka. In addition the legal regulation will eliminate the entering of tainted cannabis into the market.

Austrias Hemp Association pointed out that there has not been a single fatality in 6,000 years of documented cannabis use worldwide. There are only very few medications with an equivalent safety record.

According to the new law every citizen may purchase 40 grams cannabis per month and may grow 6 plants on their property.

So called 'Cannabis Social Clubs' will be permitted to nurture a maximum of 100 plants for up to 45 patients.

Uruguays government has announced it will limit annual total production to 25 tons, which equals the until now illegal hemp production in the country.

“The regulation for Cannabis Social Clubs allows patients to get those strains that are best for their individual ailments”, said Straka.

Uruguay is the first state worldwide (apart from isolated North Korea) where consumption of canabis is now 100 percent legal.

“Hemp users should still wait before booking a flight to Montevideo. Foreigners are still barred from purchasing hemp in Uruguay”, Straka deflated expectations of an explosion in cannabis tourism. 


November 13, 2013

Hemp replaces styrofoam: Austrian Climate Protection Award 2013 goes to Naporo

Vienna, November 13,2013 – Stay warm with hemp. The Austrian Climate Protection Award 2013 (Österreichischer Klimaschutzpreis) has been awarded to the Austrian company Naporo Klima Dämmstoff GmbH, which is the only Austrian company specializing in hemp products for building, construction and insulation activities. This is the latest prize in a series of awards Naporo has won since the company was founded in 2009.

The Austrian Climate Protection Award is an initiative of Austria's Ministry of Life and state broadcaster ORF and was handed to Naporo by minister Nikolaus Berlakovich.



Photo: Naporo

Naporo's hemp insulation mats are an environmentally friendly alternative to the mushrooming insulation of buildings with styrofoam which has to be treated as hazardous waste once the building is torn down or renovated again.

Hemp insulation mats are superior to most other insulation materials, accomplishing better thermal insulation and higher sound proofing than conventionally used materials.

The thermal hemp insulation mats also help avoiding mould which is frequently appearing in styrofoam insulated buildings after two years. 



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